Annual Sir Henry Steel Olcott Dana 2018

Nalanda OBA Queensland organized the annual Sir Henry Steel Olcott Dana for the 6th consecutive year with the help of old boys and the families of all the Ollcott Buddhist schools including Ananda, Dharmaraja, Dharmapala, Rahula, Mahinda, Maliyadeva and many other well-wishing and contributing Sri Lankans in Brisbane.

It was held in the Buddhist Vihara (Temple) of Queensland on 25/02/2018 and special remembrance was performed for the inaugural president of Nalanda OBA Queensland Aravinda Rubasinghe who passed away about 6 months ago.

Nalanda OBA would like to thank all the participants and contributors and hope to see you all in next years event.

සියලු දෙනාටම පින් අනුමෝදන් වේවා!

More photos:

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