2014 Olcott Commemoration Alms-Giving, Brisbane

Nalanda Old Boys Association of Queensland, with support from other school associations, organised the second annual Olcott daana at Goodna Temple on Sunday 16/02/2014 to commemorate the service of Colonel Henry Steel Olcott. Many contributors from Nalanda, Ananda, Mahinda and Dharmaraja participated. We also received food and pirikara from contributors from Maliyadeva, Dharmashoka and Sanghamiththa. About hundred adults and children were present during the event. In addition to this hundred, a few others dropped in for few minutes to deliver their food. We received a total of $555.00 cash for pirikara. Many people gave tremendous support during the event. On behalf of Nalanda OBA committee, I like to thank all of them for their efforts. Lots of merit to them!!!





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